Real Estate the Right Way

As a top producing agent in the competitive Los Angeles market, Douglas Stockley has continued to redefine real estate through unmatched customer service and his unique, effective approach that’s built on personal touches, win-win deals and amazing results. 

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Douglas entered the LA real estate scene in 2006 after a successful, 20 year career as a model. His impact on the real estate industry was almost immediate. Within his first year as an agent, he began making a name for himself as a preferred choice for both buyers and sellers. Yet, Douglas still wasn’t satisfied and felt there was more he could do to aide in his clients success and elevate the real estate experience as a whole. 

To achieve this pursuit, Douglas founded Space Los Angeles, compiling a team of renowned real estate professionals bound by the common ideal of helping clients attain all of the amazing real estate opportunities that Los Angeles has to offer and effectively pairing the perfect space with the ideal individual -- giving them a space to grow, a space to invest, and a space to further inspire the pulse of this great city.

The results speak for themselves. So much so that an astonishing 85% of Douglas’ client base is by referral still to this day! It all stems from Douglas’ undeniable commitment to every client and doing things the right way. He’s always there for people when they need him the most. Even when others fled the industry during the recession and housing market crash, Douglas dug in deeper and stayed to fight for so many who needed his help. 

Today, Douglas and Space Los Angeles have only expanded on their mission of matching great people with great properties. By surrounding himself with an unbeatable team of real estate professionals that work seamlessly together, while utilizing the latest technologies, market research, and business strategies to exceed your expectations, Douglas has done what others cannot... create an exceptional real estate experience from consultation to closing!

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2012 Gold Production Award 

2013 Double Gold Production Award

2014 Silver Production Award

                                                                                                2015 Gold Production Award

                                                                                                     2016 Agent Icon Award

                                                                                 2017 Chairman's Excellence Award Sapphire Level